2021 Thy Kingdom Come

2021 Thy Kingdom Come

The proposal is to deliver a Thy Kingdom Come related prayer card to the residential areas of Throwley Way. There are approximately 200 addresses in the area.

Prayer Design outline

• Page 1 Cover, “Between Thursday 13th May and Sunday 23rd May the church will be praying for you. We invite you to join us and pray for those whom you love.”

• Page 2 Lord’s Prayer, and another simple prayer from TKC resources.

• Page 3 Pray for 5 (space for 5 names)

• Page 4 Contact Details of the 4 Anglican churches in Sutton with an implicit “call to action”. A Facebook address will be used to measure response. The Facebook campaign will provide response and reaction rates.

There are around 200 residential addresses in this area and a population of about 450 people. Unused cards can be distributed to the parish churches.

The purpose is to measure the effectiveness (response) of the campaign. Typically, commercial leafleting has a return of 1% of targeted addresses.

Cost. This should be covered by diocesan funds. There has been an offer from a local donor.

• 200 leaflets printed approx. £54

• Facebook campaign £46

• Total £100

The timeline is tight. Printing was ordered on 30th April 2021. Delivery to target addresses to take place between 5th and 9th May 2021.


The TKC prayer cards were delivered to the addresses along the Throwley way. To allow for a benchmark we delivered them in conjunction with a flyer advertising a community group (www.suttonnewtown.com) which offered a free packet of sunflower seeds.

The community group received 1 enquiry for the seeds. But that is to be expected as the majority of the properties targeted were flats.

We were too late to apply for a grant to cover the cost of printing but this expense was covered by a supporter. No Facebook advertising was purchased, All the interactions on the page were organic.

The level of activity on the Facebook page was satisfactory. We consider leafleting combined with digital is likely to be an effective way of building an audience.