Tennyson Grange

Building a worshipping community within a care home setting.

As part of his community ministry within Suttonfx, Jeff Richards has been offering pastoral support to the residents of Tennyson Grange (formerly known as Gracewell of Sutton). The regular pastoral care, that has continued during the pandemic, has allowed a worshipping fellowship of over 20 members to develop amongst the residents. SUTTONfx is a member of the Dementia Action Alliance group within Sutton.

Summer Praise at Gracewell of Sutton.

Weekly Worship

Live services were scheduled to start in June but this was delayed until 7th July. A regular Wednesday service is the current pattern. The service mixes hymns, popular songs, poetry, prayer, and scripture. Its outline is from Common Worship and lasts about 40 minutes. From October the regular service will change to Thursdays.

The order of service follows the guidance from Sage and Age UK around Dementia Friendly services. We have between 12 and 20 people for each service.

You can download the orders of service here:

Summer Praise Order of Service and Resources

Autumn Praise Order of Service and Resources

The service is held in either the garden (in fine weather during summer) or in one of the lounges within the home there is a screen between the minister and the residents.

When there is guidance from the diocese about when communion in both kinds can start again we will plan services that include Distribution of Holy Communion.

The importance of Dementia Friendly worship

Being able to participate in Christian worship can enable older people and people living with Dementia to continue to feel part of their community. A regular pattern of worship allows people with Dementia to engage with and connect to people.

The Christian year can offer a rhythm of life, opportunities for reminiscence, create a feeling of belonging, and provide comfort, answer difficult philosophical questions, and uplift people.

It is hoped that as the impact of the COVID 19 reduces and life and life return to 'normal' that these services can become an intergenerational activity that will; allow children and people living with dementia to interact.

A very useful guide has been created by Livability on being a "Dementia Friendly Church".

Safeguarding Information

Diocesan Safeguarding Team


Tel: 020 3874 6743

The Diocesan safeguarding policy is available at


Action on Elder Abuse Helpline

Tel: 080 8808 8141 (Freephone Monday to Friday 9–5 pm).