Chatty Cafe

Creating a Community Lounge with a warm welcome.

Towards the end of 2023, SUTTONfx was prompted to open a warm space and community lounge.  A need had been identified through consultation with other community and housing groups to provide a space to combat loneliness and social isolation and signpost other services.

We had 2 donations from private individuals in early 2024 to enable the project to run a pilot for 10 weeks.  In April 2024 we were awarded a grant from Sutton's Community Fund for the project to continue for 3 years.  

Our concept is to provide a welcoming space and community social lounge in the Thomas Wall Community Hall (64 Robin Hood Ln, Sutton SM1 2RG) in St Nicholas Parish.  This is a 3-hour session once a week that will be a safe place for people to meet for conversation and company.  This would form part of the national 'Chatty Cafe Scheme'.