Research Areas

Spotting the gap

Distinct postcodes on the electoral roll of 3 parish churches were plotted on a map. The resulting distribution pattern shows that the Anglican churches are not reaching some areas.

The gap straddles St Nicholas and St Barnabas parishes. The areas contain several blocks of flats or estates with which the Anglican churches have no contact. Examples of these are Prospect House (SM1 4FE) and Elm Grove estate (SM1 4EU & SM1 4EX).

Potential Geographical Areas of Interest:

Throwley Way

There are several high-density housing developments along the Throwley Way. These include the Elm Grove Estate (planned for redevelopment) and Aspects apartment block.


Redevelopment of the Site of B&Q

A redevelopment of the B&Q site has been announced. The consultation on the proposed creation of an estate of up to 1000 new households started in February. See:

Lind Road and surrounding areas

Lind Road is the 'High Street' of an area called Sutton New Town. There are several high-density developments or mini estates on the road. These include the Watergardens, Montana Gardens, New Town House and soon Bishop's Place will have further development carried out there.

There are approximately 2,500 households within a five-minute walk of the Road. The area is within Sutton Central Ward and on the face of it the area is prosperous but this masks some serious social needs.

Much of the housing is privately rented. Parts of the area that seem wealthy mask pockets of deprivation where families struggle with heating their homes and feeding their children. See:

According to the Wellbeing Index, Sutton New Town falls into an area that demonstrates lower than national average levels within the dimensions of

• Housing, space and environment (Affordable, secure, quality housing, a safe and clean surrounding environment, and well-kept, accessible and inclusive public spaces for people of all ages.)

• Trust (The state of family, social and community relationships and the impact of any breakdown in trust on issues like crime).

• Equality (Equal and fair opportunities for everyone, regardless of ethnicity, religion, colour, age, ability, sexuality, gender, income etc. Services and infrastructure in place to promote equality, equity and fairness.),-0.1862155

Other Potential Community Projects

Intersectional Marriages/Families Conference

A request has come from a community group for a conference to be arranged that will allow discussion of marriages that are mixed in terms of race, culture, and religion. This would allow families to understand the support that was available for them. More research is needed.

Domestic Violence/White Ribbon/Ask Me Campaigns

Domestic Violence and Gender-Based Violence is a matter of concern within Sutton. This is is a topic raised that the Police IAG, Sutton Women's Centre and others feel that the church should be leading on. More research is needed.

Walking and Praying

Looking to create a walking group for people who a seeking companionship and exercise in the outdoors with a spiritual dimension. We are looking at using the parks (Beddington, Cheam/Nonsuch, Carshalton or Oaks) in the borough as the location for creative prayer walks. The proposal is to meet at a gathering point, then walk a circuit of 1, 3 or 5 miles depending on a person's ability. Each meeting will start and end in short acts of prayer that includes scripture. The short acts of worship would use material from Common Worship, especially the Agricultural Year resources.