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Welcome to SUTTONfx

SUTTONfx was established in 2021 as a lay-led church project. We are committed to creating and running projects that bring people together such as our championing of the Dr George Community Garden. Our intention had always been that at an appropriate time, the work will move towards evangelism and discipleship development.

Towards a fresh expression of Church

Suttonfx is a research and community development project established on 1st April 2021. The intention is that at an appropriate time, the project will move towards evangelism and discipleship development within a Fresh Expression of church.

We are looking to find new ways of being Church and gathering a new worshipping community that draws its members from the unchurched and de-churched.


What is a Fresh Expression?

A Fresh Expression is a new form of church. It is a new type of being a Christian community that emerges within contemporary culture and engages primarily with those who don’t "go to church".

If a Fresh Expression emerges in Sutton it will come into being through the principles of listening, loving service, community development. It will lead people to Christ and make disciples and become a mature expression of church fitted for its cultural context.

Where does it operate?

This is a project focusing on Sutton Deanery.

What are the ground rules?

  • The work is a partnership with those who want to develop fresh expressions in Sutton.

  • The work should be clearly and visibly intentional.

    • The research should be active and be prepared to and permitted to attract people who wish to help with the project and develop the local expression. If we are serious about creating a fresh expression of the church then we should be allowed to gather a group of people to pray for the project to help discern its focus of evangelism.

  • The work should be transparent and clarity should be provided to fellow ministers.

    • All research and actions that are carried out should be available for local churches.

  • The work should signpost existing congregations and services.

    • There should not be any conflict with parish-based ministry and projects. This means that activities on Sundays or festivals should be avoided.

Who is the contact for the project?

Jeff Richards, Licensed Lay Minister,

Jeff reports to the Archdeacon of Reigate, The Venerable Moira Astin.

Safeguarding information.